I work diverse and mixed media in art.  Art has an excellent relationship with seduction. I like that art may alter our perception.  It scripts history and feeds the present to denounce the future. More than aesthetics, the art is history narratives.  There are two recurrent elements in my art: the object and the human form. I approach my research and artistic experimentation to create works that have the precarious balance and the possibility of collapse linked to the constant human concern for universal communication through form, symbols and codes.

Objects reveal things about us. In that regards, my current expressive itinerary is consistent with his interpretation of the human thought and reality. Plunging energy in the combination of universal ideas, as variants present in three concepts; myth, metaphor, and archetype.  Such is the case of my work in The Other Dimension series.

I want the observer to become part of my artwork.  Each new project bears an intention to touch the moment, to comment on man’s behavior and to awaken dormant zones within the ambiguity. As a universal artist with diverse approaches to my ideas and artworks, I am committed to being part of the creative community that energizes the cities of which we are a part. Be able to anticipate and create transcendental, playful and universal collective art goods.

I enjoy if my proposal makes accessible an unrestricted interaction between the public and my work.   To share my artworks with particular communities, in its process of elaboration and execution. In my view, universal values are essential to my  artwork. A work of art begins exactly when we finish it.