Claudia Ammirata



Photographer, artist Claudia Ammirata was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Studied photography , drawing and silversmithing at  the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. She learned  new techniques in digital photography in Miami, Florida where she resides.

 Claudia finds pleasure in using photography as a vehicle for self-expression. In her work, there is a vision of beauty and meaning in life that is ever-changing and continually expanding.

This vision is shaped by  present experiences, places she’ve lived, struggles she’ve overcome and triumphs she’ve achieved. It’s a reflection of the little things Claudia sees or feels daily, from an inspiring melody to the subtle delicacy of a flower or a dream, that remain engraved in her mind and become part of her work.

She is the author of “Ephemeral Beauty” a photography book that uses flowers as the vehicle to interpret  the metaphor of life.

“Photography is my passion, there is nothing more powerful than feeling the connection with the image in front of my lens. When I sense this connection, I become  fulfilled and undergo a feeling of gratitude that allows me to project the essence of my subject, its light, and ultimately its beauty.”

Her work has been exhibited at art galleries and fairs including: Artists and art juried show 2014, Artecho “Photography Masters and Shooting stars” Art Basel Miami 2014, Scopes Miami 2014, Curator’s voice art projects The Hardline Show 2015, The Hot spot show Curator’s voice art projects 2015, Miami Biennale art gallery  auction 2016, Miami Twist 2016, Pecha Kucha Miami 2017, Art Media Gallery 2017.

Claudia won an honorific mention in Artist and Arts juried show in Miami.