Fernando Cuétara


Self-taught artist, to whom inspiration is born of working with materials on which he establishes an aesthetic reflection understood in the Hegelian sense: beauty of form; Regularity, symmetry and harmony.

Vocational creator who, over the years, has been able to launch his own personal pictorial language, based on work, study, passion for art and, perhaps more definitive, the inexhaustible engine of Curiosity to look, feel and transmit.

Unlike the authors who inspired the twentieth century, Cuetara approaches and includes technology in his work. It fuses the sensuality of the fabrics manipulated giving them light and establishing historical bridges between the gestualidad póvera and the minimalist aesthetic.

His proposal does not make value judgments about its environment, does not pretend to alter or reproduce it, it is limited to objectivity, to the search for the expressiveness of matter itself, to the entropic concept of order, in Arnheim thought, in the face of disorder and The noise

As a nineteenth-century craftsman, Cuetara uses the naked canvas, through its manipulation and observation of its specific qualities, not to cover it with pigments or images, but to express itself.

The fabric and the fold and the light is their language.

“For Cuétara the fold, it is also a key element in the construction and composition of his paintings. It is something more – much more – than a mere formal resource, it represents above all a space of possibilities: those of housing both matter and soul, and above all the plasticity, through the folds and wrinkles of the Canvas, of the permanence of the artist in his own work. The interstice, the cavity – which is also relief … – becomes the place where the desire to endure in the memory of time and men is fulfilled. The eternal eagerness of the creator

Francisco Carpio Olmos