Havi Schanz


Havi Schanz also known as Havi Art, was born in Argentina in Santa Fe City. He has been living in Miami Beach since 2005. He draws upon rich impressionistic, romantic, and baroque influences to create a unique representation of pop culture iconography. His vision of art is reflected in a poetic way as his brushstrokes capture people’s feelings and emotions. In the difficult-to-accomplish simplicity of his paintings, he skillfully combines rigid and structured forms without losing the organic character of his art.

“I paint souls!” (Havi Schanz, 2013)

Havi Schanz has almost 30 years of combined experience as an artist, architect, and interior and graphic designer. He has held several positions as an Architect, including among others, Sauce Viejo’ Commissioner of Architecture, and Professor at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Argentina. He received an Architectural degree, and a Master in Color, Audio-Visual Media, and Conceptual Art from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina. He has also studied photography, digital video, acting, costume, and set design.

Havi Schanz’s art has been widely exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the United States. In Miami his work was exhibited in Aldo Castillos Gallery, ArtSpot Miami, Art Basel 2014