Lorenzo Quinn




Born in Rome to the Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn and his second wife, Iolanda Addolori, Lorenzo Quinn had a childhood split between Italy and the USA. His father had a profound influence on him, both in terms of living in the limelight of the film world and with respect to Anthony Quinn’s early work in painting and architecture. Studying at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York, Quinn planned to be a Surrealist painter. However, at 21 he decided that his future lay in sculpture, which could better accommodate his energy and originality.
Among the artists who influence Quinn are Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin. Quinn usually conceives each work in writing, and the poetic text is ultimately displayed with the sculpture, as an integral part of the piece, not merely an explanation.
Quinn’s work appears in many private collections throughout the world and has been exhibited internationally during the past 20 years. Quinn’s public art includes Tree of Life which was erected outside St Martin’s Church in Birmingham, UK in 2005; Rise Through Education which was installed at ASPIRE, the Academy of Sports Excellence, in Doha, Quatar in 2005; Vroom Vroom which was on show at the Institute of Modern Art in Valencia, Spain in 2010 and on Park Lane, London, in 2011; This is Not a Game which was exhibited during the Italian Pavilion at the 54th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale in 2011; Leap of Faith and Hand of God which were installed at the Winter Palace in the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia in 2011; The Four Loves as well as Love which were placed in Berkeley Square and Millbank in 2017 – to name but a few.

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