Marcelo Zeballos


To see this sample you have to hurry: it lasts a single day and that day is today. It is a set of works that the artist has been doing for many years, some of which have been exhibited abroad and others have been in salons. Today he exposes them in the Filo restaurant. Also the schedule is unusual for an art show, since it starts at 20 and lasts until dawn.

“What does the title of the show allude to exactly?” -To the force of nature hidden in the forests, it wants to resurface and seeks a living space to do so in a world that is technoindustrial.

“Your paintings are black and white.”

What is the meaning of this chromatic restriction? -Work in high contrast to synthesize the complexity of natural structures and the idea is to show the permanent struggle of nature seeking that vital space. White and black synthesize the shock of the natural in a modern world. Heidegger already spoke of the Earth no longer the Earth. In this industrial complex the space Earth does not exist, the animals have less and less surface to live and little by little man has invaded nature and this is resisted with what it has as a force, for example, with natural catastrophes.

“And why the forest?” “I seek a poetic return. At first the gods were venerated there, there they worshiped. In the Middle Ages they became the place of danger where the monsters were, the ogres for what had to be sheltered in the castles. In modern times the forest is a place of refuge, where one hides to find himself. Man has always been connected with the forest.

-How do you define your images? “I would say they are expressionist and semi-abstract.”
I’m an admirer of Franz Kline, an American Expressionist.
Its stains represent a little the idea of ​​the industry.
-What are the materials you use? -Acrylic and also some ink.
The images are very complex, very elaborate, so each of the works takes a lot of time.
– In what way did you make yourself like plastic? “On the one hand, I studied at Fernando Fader and Fine Arts. I also studied at UBA Graphic Design. I am an illustrator and I have done seminars with different known artists. I participate in the salons and all that routine that is common to plastic artists, but I also do other types of things that are outside of that circuit, like performances. I have a fairly open art concept. Last year, for example, I did a sample about the naked Disney characters.
This year I did another related to advertising and women in the 50’s but with a reversed thread ideologically: the woman rebels against all the appliances and the macho society. It had a lot of journalistic coverage and was associated a little with the “not one less”. I work a lot on women, maybe because I was raised among women, I come from a matriarchal family. I do one or two samples a year with the ideas of summoning people and living it as a party. I do not like to put art in a very contemplative and sober place.
“And why do they last for a single day?” -Because I have the theory that if a sample is exposed that way all the energy is concentrated on that day, it is not dispersed