Maria Elena Alvarez Rosso


My first classes began at age 15 with the master of fine arts: Roberto Sobrado from the city of Buenos Aires. And I continued taking classes in drawing, landscape and the human body with various teachers.

About twelve years ago I began to practice the technique of watercolor: with the professor of fine arts Miguel Angel Zeballos of San Luis, and some master classes with the painter Goyo Borja of the city of Buenos Aires.

Around the year 2006: I made my definition for embracing the technique of Oil, and abstract art. Whose teacher and guide above all in what is the theory of color the professor of fine arts Lidio Sotomayor (Lima- Peru).

It was to find the right element and means to be able to capture the liberating energy that permanently, I felt contained that allows me to elevate my spirit to a higher plane of emotion.

I like to use the blacks and grays to build the work, and later to dump the colors, to be able to give it the final character. Each one of those strokes I feel as caresses that I give to the fabric and I enjoy them enormously, in many opportunities I use my hands directly; I prefer big size canvases, it allows me a greater corporal expression when I paint.