4. Crucigrama150 x 150

Martín Riwnyj was born on November 29, 1972 in  Buenos Aires. From an early age he attended several drawing and painting studios. In 1990 he begins his art career at The National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Five years later he graduated as a national teacher of drawing and painting. In 1995 he collaborates with Maestro Pérez Célis in his CreativeAactivities Center. In 1998 he made his first trip to Europe in which he traveled in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, England. Finishing this travel, Martín makes a show in the House of Culture of the Argentine Embassy in Rome. From this exhibition begins to establish links with European art galleries. During the late 1990s and early 2000s he won around thirty national awards. In 2001 he established his studio in Rome where he settles to alternate his work with the city of Buenos Aires.

Currently, his works are among the main private collections and in important galleries of the international medium among which we can highlight: Enlace Arte Contemporáneo (Peru), Sharon Art Gallery (Spain), Galleria Italarte (Italy) .

Gabriele Simongini, italian art critic wrote:

Martin Riwnyj´s most convincing works are capable of communicating, give a direct and coinciding image to this existential cleavage with the specificity of a pictorial language, displayed by setting up the human figure against the urban environment (…) All of this actually represents the attempt to destroy the specificity of the plastic-visual language in order to reassert the supremacy of a literary and narrative dimension that was rejected and surpassed as early as the first historic avant-gardes of 20th century.