Rafa Montilla


Since I remember I have given importance to two things, internal seeking and art, I have developed my life around them.

My desire is to show my inner quest experience. All my work is rooted on Mandalas, specifically on the flower of life. Mandalas like numerology exist in all religions. The basis of my proposals is spiritual. On this internal search, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and thus experiment and learn from the richness of different culture, which have nourished my soul. New experiences, mine and others, is what I manifest through photography.

Maria Luisa, my beloved grandmother used to say, “God has more to give to us, than we to ask him for”, and she was so right, it is true, God has given us Mother Nature. I am grateful and pleased to brighten the eyes and the spirit of people through photography.

The process of creating my work arises from a feeling. The place where I take the picture is one that fulfills my spirit with that full feeling of connection with the universe. I enjoy that moment by raising my spirit to be able to capture the gift that I have before my eyes. I feel, appreciate and gratefully accept this present and that is when I take the photograph. When I take a photo, all my senses become one, and the moment becomes sublime, yes, I stop breathing for a few seconds, then I am ready to capture the moment which ends up being part of me, my reflection, my essence. The next step is to diagram each geometric figure and carefully choose the surface where it will be captured. I am captivated by wood because it has so much to give, by metal, glass, fabric or plastic, materials that will end up projecting that feeling that I offer each person. I always seek to innovate in new materials and surfaces to print my photos, each material, each surface reflects the many feelings and stages of my life. My camera is my partner, my friend, together we look for the moment, the place to express the experience, the feeling, my inner self. Now that you are in front of my work, I give you my feeling. Now my work has been completed. I have had the opportunity to connect with your feelings, and create in you a sensation that emanates through your energy, now is when the circle closes and the road has been crossed.