Renzo Borella


Renzo Borella was born in La Spezia in 1948. After obtaining his artistic maturity in Carrara, he enrolled in the faculty of architecture in Florence. The exhibition of Henry Moore at the Belvedere fortress and the subsequent meeting with the great English sculptor in his villa in Forte dei Marmi induce them to devote themselves full time to artistic activity. In 1969 he was one of the founders of the International Jazz Festival of La Spezia and, in the years to come, he collaborated on the growth of this important cultural event.

In 1973 he interrupted his studies to move to Milan. He opened a studio in the Brera district where, with other artists, he founded the Coop 77, the first visual arts cooperative in Italy. In these years he began an intense exhibition activity, he met the art critic Marcello Venturoli who presented his personal works in Rome, Verona, and Milan. These are the years when Borella’s abstract naturalism flows into a more conceptual sphere in which Borella begins to question himself about the role of painting.

In 1982 he returned to La Spezia where he was a member of the Municipality’s cultural commission.   It is divided between artistic activity and teaching.

In 1987 he was among the founders of the cultural association L’Arcimboldo of which he is artistic director and teacher in painting courses. In 1992 he gave life to the Officina Botteghe d’Arte of which he is still president.

The first decade of the millennium is characterized by glyphs and sculpture (landscapeluche) in which B. with the help of gouges, raises the pictorial film to see, as he himself says, what is under the painting. It is a philosophical question that technically translates into the abandonment of the two-dimensionality of the work.

A further jump is produced in 2008 with the cracks, broken paintings that become full-scale sculptures-installations. The adoption of plastic supports allows B. to reach deformation

of the painted surface giving life to polychrome sculptures that arouse the interest of Renato Barilli who presents his exhibition Nuvolario and the installation Impluvia.

He currently works on the series of streams that represent the aspiration to freedom through what Borella calls self-painting.